Monday, September 24, 2012

Mandalas by the Children of the Sri Aurobindo Bhatti Mines School

These mandalas were created by the children of the Sri Aurobindo Bhatti Mines School in New Delhi, India. This school educates and serves children in an extremely economically poor area. Without the opportunity to go to school, many of these children would otherwise work labor jobs. Facilitating the creation of these pieces was an honor. 100% of the proceeds from this art work goes directly to the needs of the Bhatti Mines School. The hearts of the children in this community are filled with gratitude and resilience, which can be seen through their radiant artwork. When you purchase one of these artworks you empower these youth, give them self-worth, and help provide basic needs for their school. Your awareness, generosity, and kindness sends ripple effects around the world. Thanks and blessings to the school founders Santosh, Archana, and all the teachers who work everyday to inspire and educate. If you would like to support the Bhatti Mines School by purchasing a matted and ready to frame mandala from a child in the Bhatti Mines village please contact me at

Mandalas by the children of the Sri Aurobindo Bhatti Mines School